How do I become a Member?

It’s easy! Anyone who is a Montana resident and an Accredited Investor can become a Member of HomeStake’s Investment Opportunity Discovery service. This allows you to find about about Opportunities we cultivate with local businesses, and decide on a one-by-one basis if you would like to participate. Please email us to set up a meeting and learn more, in the meantime, here is a quick overview of how it works.

What types of Investment Structures do you use?

Unlike the vast majority of today’s capital markets, our goal is to catalyze a much broader set of businesses. Our flexible tool kit allows us to tailor innovative investment structures to create growth-oriented equity and debt opportunities for our partners and our portfolio companies. Our aim is to connect Investors with promising local companies using customized investment models which are designed to provide gradual returns over time. Check out Our Philosophy for more information.

I have a local business looking to grow, how do I get involved?

Great! Given our focus on revenue-based investment structures, we typically have the most success with businesses with an operating history and/or proven traction in the market. If that sounds like you, we would love to talk more about how we can help you. Please email us to set up a meeting and learn more. In the meantime, here is a quick overview of how our process works to mitigate risk for companies and provide valuable deliverables at each stage along the way.

Are you a committed Investment Fund?

No. Unlike many other capital providers, we don’t have a committed pool of capital to deploy. This is intentional, and enables us to be much more flexible. Instead, we allow our members to decide on an Opportunity by Opportunity basis which companies they would like to support. This helps us to democratize capital and provides members the ability to custom build a diversified portfolio of local companies over time. It also allows us to significantly broaden our opportunity set, and serve many companies who are under-served by today’s capital markets with customized investment models.